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"Never be less than your best"
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Chowbent Primary School

"Never be less than your best"

Parental code of conduct

All staff at school are available to listen to and answer any queries that you may have. We aim to do this in a polite and professional manner.

However, insulting or abusive language directed towards staff either spoken or written will not be tolerated.

Staff will not respond to queries spoken or written in this way.





At Chowbent we require all parents to follow our code of conduct at all times on school premises.


  • To act as a positive role model in front of the children

  • To not intimidate or attempt to discipline pupils

  • Raise concerns or report incidents with school staff directly and not with the children or parents involved and not through social media.

  • To be aware that children will listen in on adult conversations. We ask that inappropriate conversations are not discussed in their presence.

  • Treat school staff respectfully

  • To treat each other with respect

  • To respect the school’s security measures to keep the building secure

  • To not use inappropriate language
    Our children have a right to feel safe and secure in school, we expect all staff and parents to respect this right.
    A persistent failure to adhere to this code of conduct by parents will result in them being excluded from the school site.
    Social Media
    The school recognises the benefits of school and parental use of social media however parents who use social media should be aware of the potentially harmful impact of its misuse on our school community. The school takes a dim view of parents who attempt to demean or defame either school staff or pupils online. School will not hesitate to use the proper legal routes if any parent makes illegal remarks online directed at either staff or pupils.